Sinusoidalmusic - Mind of a Madman II Review

John Keenan is a rapper and a producer who creates vivid music that digs deep into introspection with his deep lyricism. John took birth in Great Bend, Kansas and discovered his love for music at a very young age and began working on his skills with his brother Mark. He attended Kansas State University where he chiseled his skills as an artist, writer, producer, and engineer. He made his debut with his mixtape named ‘Mind of a Madman’.

John Keenan recently released a second part of his first mixtape, which is an album with 14 tracks. This is an album that is packed with some great tracks that will surely make your mind flip. This is a perfect album if you’re into hip-hop that features some deep lyrics and music that bangs. This is going to be an action packed rollercoaster ride, so fasten your seatbelt and be ready.

The first track on the album is named ‘First Entry’ which is one of the most hard-hitting track of the album. This is the intro of the album and surely a good one. The production is well-executed and the lyrics set the vibe for the album. The track ‘First Entry’ is followed by ‘All Those Games’ which features Samantha Dalton who took the track to a whole new level. This is a mellow one with some wavy melodies and vocals that are soothing.

The third track on the album is ‘Old School’ which is a track that will send you back to your good old days. The track is surely something very new that showcases the artist’s versatility. The next track is named ‘Rap Cat’ which is a direct shot at all the rappers out there. This is surely a very bold move as a rapper! This is one of my personal favourite from the album.

The next two track on the album are ‘All into Crypto’ and ‘Turd Ferguson’ which are both great tracks that are innovative and unique. Both these tracks are surely the main take from the album, according to me. Do give it a go and you will not be disappointed. ‘Scarecrows’ is the seventh track on the album. This track features X-Raided who brings a whole new sauce to the album. The track has some amazing flows intertwined with some great lyrics.