EDM Rekords - Mind of a Madman II

When it comes to hip-hop, John Keenan is not just any artist. With his latest album "Mind of a Madman II," he has proven himself to be a true imaginative force. It's not just his technical skills as a rapper and producer that make him stand out, but also his incomparable perspective and approach to music.

Through carefully composed rap elements, fused together with pop and R&B components, John captures the perfect balance between electronic compositions and classic hip-hop sounds, resulting in a truly satisfying listening experience.

It's a deeply personal project that was carried out during a dark time in John's life. In 2008, he found himself in a mental hospital after drinking himself into a state of alcoholic insanity, it was an extremely hard part of John's life but he had a revelation: he needed to create something that would give him a reason to live and a goal to strive for. And so, the idea for "Mind of a Madman" was born.

It took John two years to bring his vision to life, and the result was the first "Mind of a Madman" mixtape. Since then, he has released four albums and two EPs, but "Mind of a Madman II" is truly the culmination of his experiences. Through this album, John wants to connect the first "Mind of a Madman" mixtape to his current release and tell his story of the journey. He wants to show that anything is possible if you're willing to be a little bit crazy and believe in yourself.

While the album as a whole is a trip inside the mind of an artist pushing the boundaries of hip hop, each individual track is a statement in itself. There are some tracks that stand out in particular, such as "All those games," a beautiful R&B track featuring astonishing harmonies and lush production. The vocals between John and Samantha Dalton work perfectly together, creating a heavenly atmosphere that you won't want to leave. "Still in love" is another standout track, with fascinating keys that feel both pop and funky, and show off John's creative thinking as a producer. And "Try & find love" is a sensational feature with Samantha Dalton that takes turns and twists, never backing down and always surprising you.

"Mind of a Madman II" is an album that you need to hear. It's clear that John poured his heart and soul into this project. So what are you waiting for? Give it a listen, and be sure to follow John for everything new.