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Where I Went Wrong

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Download John Keenan's debut album Where I Went Wrong for only $5. This doesn't need to be complicated. Music isn't rocket surgery. Produced by John Keenan. Additional Production by Scott Martz. Album features Irv Da Phenom, Mark Keenan, Scott Martz, Tyler Keenan.


Released November 27, 2012
Full Circle Entertainment/Half Square Films
Distributed by: Ditto Music
Marketing: Miraldi and MacLeod 
Management: Brandon Mills of CMP LLC
Produced By: John Keenan
Additional Production: Scott Martz and Mark Keenan
1. Intro/Might Go Crazy 
2. Get It All Back
3. Living Right Went Wrong
4. Love is Just A Game
5. Lie To Kick It
6. Lives As We've Made
7. Country and Western
8. Waves Of Doubt
9. Until The Suns Up
10. The Journey
11. One Step At A Time
12. Everlasting Light
13. Love and Peace
14. Where I Wanna Be
15. Don't Decide I Failed
16. One Step At A Time (Remix)
17. Gotta Be Myself
18. John's Groove I
19. Outro
20. Bonus Track