John Keenan Mind Of A Madman Mixtape Cover
john keenan mind of a madman

Mind Of A MadMan Mixtape

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Download John Keenan's first pressed project "The Mind Of A MadMan Mixtape" for a limited time only available through This project was released February 4, 2011. Mastered by: Craig Bebe @ Brickhouse Studios Wichita KS. 

1. Intro
2. Belong Lost On My Way
3. 25 and I Sleep With A Blankey
4. Peaceful Warrior
5. Love Me Hate Me
6. Freestyle Skit 1
7. Hurt The Child
8. Hoping In My Soul
9. Soundtrack to My Life
10. Take A Stand
11. Too Little Too Late
12. The Top Spot
13. Freestyle Skit 2
14. Little Monsters
15. Outro




john keenan mind of a madman