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Far From Perfect LP - John Keenan Music

Far From Perfect LP

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John Keenan first body of work, unreleased until now, contains 13 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2008-2010 while John was living in a halfway house. Produced entirely by John Keenan the album contains features from Pezi aka Pennywize, 3D, brother Mark Keenan, Ecay Uno and more. This album has not been mastered and shows an earlier phase of his career. These songs were the foundation for his entire body of work. 


The digital album includes:

1. Intro

2. Never Understand

3. Minimum Wage

4. Curse Show

5. Far From Perfect

6. Forgot To Take My Medicine (original version)

7. Hoping God Won't Deny Me

8. I Do

9. I've Been A Liar

10. Infected With Game

11. My Style

12. The Game

13. The Kid's Insane


Far From Perfect LP - John Keenan Music