The Illusion of Logic

The Illusion of Logic is John Keenan's third self produced album featuring the singles "Never Been Bought" "Refined the Focus" "Where I Wanna Be" and "My Expectations". The album is available everywhere June 3, 2016
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John Keenan physical cd
My Expectations
Lead the Exodus feat. Erin Cardin
Refned the Focus feat. MC Lil' IQ
Never Been Bought
Wanted Your Type
The King or Jester
Punch for Punch feat. Mark Keenan
All the Same feat. Mark Keenan
Brain Lemonade feat. Whitney Peyton & Twisted Insane
Don’t Go There feat. Kelsey Callahan
Old and Famous
Man in The Mirror feat. Mark Keenan
John’s Groove III
Where I Belong feat. Carla Ayala
Farther Martin
To Find You feat. Allison Meador
An Era Ended feat. Kelsey Callahan
Clawing the Walls to Live
Photography: Janelle Etzel for Janelle Etzel Photography
Videography: Alex "Doenut" Bleecker for The Doenut Factory
Marketing: Brandon Mills of Crew Marketing and Promotion
Mastering: Kevin McNoldy @ Cphonic Mastering
Art Direction: LeRoy Phillipson @Tha APT Studios