The Illusion Of Logic




My Expectations

Lead The Exodus

Refined The Focus

Never Been Bought

Wanted Your Type

The King or Jester

Punch for Punch

All The Same

Brain Lemonade

Don't Go There


Olf and Famous

Man in The Mirror

John's Groove III

Where I Belong

Father Martin

To Find You

An Era Ended

Clawing The Walls to Live

Imagination To The Nation

In A Major Way/Intro

Make It Home Tonight

Was This A Trick

Forgot My Medicine feat. 3D and Ecay Uno

Thoughts Are Fleeting

Spending Time Alone

Garbage Can

A King Has No Friend

Saw Her Face

Going Through Changes

Didn't Like You Anyway

Spirit of The Sacred

Do For Love Verse

Until The Past Decides

Hope In Their Eyes

Where I Went Wrong

Intro/Might Go Crazy

Get It All Back

Living Right Went Wrong

Love is Just A Game

Lie To Kick It 

Country and Western

Waves Of Doubt

One Step At A Time 

Where I Wanna Be

Until The Suns Up

Gotta Be Myself

Mind Of A Criminal

Love and Peace

Don't Decide I Failed

The Journey