John Keenan and his lyrics are a breath of fresh air in a hip-hop industry that is often populated by the glorification of opulence and debauchery.  His music and lyrics come from the heart. Though there's darkness, there's also light. "I have no control over what comes out. I only hold the pen or press the buttons." Keenan said recently. 

John Keenan hails from Great Bend, Kansas, a place that is not known for hip-hop talent, especially Caucasian rap. By the time he was 13, John had discovered his own musical talent. His young brother, Mark, was also developing his own unique style of rap. The two brothers were persistent in their music and in 2003, they brought a veteran rapper and reggae musician from Kansas City named Mr. Stinky and the Vigilante Squad for live performances in Great Bend. After getting his high school Diploma, John Keenan went to Kansas State University where he continued to develop his musical talent as an artist, writer, producer, singer and engineer. 

Addiction played a big part in John's life and it soon took a dark path. After years of struggle, he was able to sober up and start his life afresh. Armed with experience and life lessons, he took to writing and his first mix tape, "Mind of a Mad Man" was released and he moved over 1,400 copies. He decided to use his music as a platform to express himself and so he launched an Indie Label called Full Circle Entertainment. He also produced two more mix tape compilations before producing his first full EP in the summer of 2011 titled ‘One Day at a Time’.

John Keenan met guitarist Scott Martz, at a recovery home in November 2011. Scott Martz was also a recovering addict and they worked together for an entire year to produce John's album "Where I Went Wrong". “My music gives me something to focus on, to channel heartbreak or pain into something positive,” Keenan says. 

In the fourth quarter of 2012, John Keenan released his debut album, "Where I Went Wrong", a 19-track masterful opus that interlaces its R&B foundation with beautiful aural derivations. A lot of the songs talk about his struggles and how he was able to overcome them. He moved over 1,000 physical copies and sold over 500 digital copies.

In August of 2013, he released his sophomore album, “Imagination to the Nation”. It is hard to classify this album in any genre as it draws inspiration from eclectic hip hop, rap and Indie music. In terms of lyrics and message, Keenan says that “It’s almost Where I Went Wrong Part 2”. The album was made in one month after quitting his job to make the project. 

The lyrics never disappoint and the entire album is worth listening to. Unlike the first album, Imagination to the Nation was recorded on a single disc. Keenan says, “Originally my first album was a double disc, but we decided to keep it simple.” He adds that, “80% is totally new material, but a few of the tracks we carried over from the last project.”

In July of 2014 John moved from his roots in Kansas to the heat of the desert in Phoenix Arizona where he began production on "The Illusion of Logic" The album was entirely produced by Keenan and was completed in November of 2015. With a release date of June 3rd, 2016 John is excited to showcase the new material he's worked the past 2 years on. The album features his brother, Mark Keenan, Twisted Insane, Scott Martz, Whitney Peyton, Carla Ayala and more. 

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