Great Bend Tribune Article 8/23/2013


This is so cool, thank you so much for all the support. Beautiful. I love Great Bend, that paper is incorrect through because my great grandfather graduated from GBHS too. I actually have a state championship basketball trophy in Topeka from 1908! I'm not even sure GBHS knows they won a state title in 1908. Very cool though, I appreciate it. 

Hardcopies of Imagination To The Nation

Hardcopies of Imagination to the Nation are available on this site yo!!

Imagination To The Nation Is Live on iTunes!

Imagination To The Nation

John Keenan's sophomore album will be out in 4 days. The album features San Diego's Ecay Uno, 3D, Mark Keenan, Scott Martz and more. 

The album was produced by John Keenan in just over a month and features some kick ass artwork yo. For hardcopies check out the eShop for just five bucks well get you a hardcopy. 

Kiss 103.1 Interview

John sat down with C-Major from Kiss 103.1 in Emporia on Wednesday for an interview. C-Major is a great dude and an amazing radio personality. This cat WILL be on Sirus Radio soon, he's headed to the top! Check out his link here.