They Could've Buried Trump

Joe Biden ran as the voice of reason. He was going be the President for all Americans, bring the country together and promised to turn the temperature down representing stability, normalcy and no malarky. 

They wanted more than anything to be rid of MAGA. If the Biden administration simply did what they claimed, they would’ve done it, forever. The middle would have moved to the left and Trump supporters would be scratching their heads right thinking, “yea, that was wild when we elected the reality tv star.”  

It was all in their power and at their fingertips, but failed to see what was right under their nose. The answer to all their problems was in their platform. They did the exact opposite and made their problems much worse.

The Democrats could have easily just plastered over the Trump era. It was in the air after Jan. 6th and Trump was radioactive. We were ready for a DeSantis or Nikki Haley. We were disgusted by Jan. 6th too. We would have forgotten about him. MAGA would have disappeared and the right would be supporting someone else who was steady, predictable and didn’t drive the left up the wall. The right was sick of Trump too and we were ready to move on.

Out of fear and revenge, Democrats did the exact opposite. They labeled half the country as extremists, terrorists, racists and all but declared war on their own citizens. Now they've backed themselves into this position and combatting MAGA extremism is their party platform. They’ve boxed themselves in and it will prove to be their undoing.

Trump and MAGA must do what the left cannot for the Republic to survive. Trump isn’t bound by anything or anyone. He must be the one to relieve the pressure in the country and turn down the temperature.

Polls are junk, but the depressurized vote is 10% and RFK Jr. has it. He’s probably siphoned off 5% from each side. If the Biden administration was smart (which they’re not) they’d realize this and used RFK to their advantage. It could be 60/40 right now. That unpressurized pocket is up for grabs and whoever takes it will siphon off the whole thing. If the left is super smart (which they also are) they’d swap Biden out and if Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom comes in with a unity message MAGA is done.

Trump and MAGA needed to pivot yesterday and must be the first to start speaking to everyone.

The Trump rallies in New Jersey & the Bronx was a shockwave and a tell. He should to be in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. Trump must be making inroads in the bluest of states. Millions of people voted for Trump in California and a state “being in play” does not matter. A giant California rally makes blue states purple and purple states red. 

It’s time for Trump and MAGA to abandon rural America. There is no need to continue to fortify it. He has it and won’t lose it. The right must make inroads into the Democratic strongholds.

Whoever unites the country will win. It will be us and MAGA will govern for the next 100 years.