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Whats up Sasnaks & Scarescrows...   You can now checkout & listen to my complete albums on YouTube. "Where I Went Wrong" "The Keenan Brothers" Imagination to the Nation"   Leave a comment, Share, Like, Or Dislike. Leave your opinion & let me know what you love best about my music.   If you enjoy my music you can get the full albums on "Digital Download" Find me on Itunes, Amazon, & emusic. ITunes: Where I Went Wrong: Image Nation:   Amazon: Where I Went Wrong: Image Nation:   Emusic: Where I Went Wrong: Image Nation:...

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John loves to give people good music. He recently gifted Tech N9ne's classic album "Everready:The Religion" do a dear friend, who actually redeemed it. How amazing. It's a wonderful album that is still in the top 200 selling rap/hip hop albums on iTunes right now!. I, I mean, he, just checked.    Great album. His favorite, fan favorite. Beautiful piece of work. It's the gift that keeps on giving and still sounds good 7 years later. 

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