John Keenan Dissects His Psyche on “Mind of a Madman II”


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John Keenan is an incredibly successful rapper, producer, and engineer within the hip-hop community. After discovering his musical talent early on and creating his first mixtape, Mind of a Madman, which sold over 1,400 copies, he established an indie label and released his EP, One Day At A Time. Following this, John released The Illusion of Logic and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 2018, he released Late Bloomer and joined the Illest Uminati on the Northwest Warpath Tour.

In 2020, he released The Lucky Rubber Band EP, featuring the single “What They Say” by his brother Mark Keenan (featuring Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony). Along with overcoming addiction and using music as a creative outlet, John Keenan has had an impressive and lasting career in hip-hop.

John Keenan’s progressive hip-hop album, Mind of a Madman II, is the long-awaited follow up to the 2008 classic. Twelve years later, it’s finally here and allows listeners a deep look inside the experimental and ever-evolving mind of an artist.

John Keenan’s latest album is full of carefully composed rap elements, fused together with pop and R&B elements. The clever and creative way in which each track has been blended together speaks to the artist’s passion and dedication to creating meaningful art. While the album as a whole is a journey inside the mind of an artist pushing the boundaries of hip hop, every individual track is a statement in itself.

The tracks on this album are skillfully crafted with a unique blend of thoughtful lyrics and infectious beats. The lyrics of the songs hit hard and raw, evoking a range of emotions from listeners. “Mind of a Madman II” showcases Keenan’s considerable skill and his understanding of hip-hop. His clever wordplay and lyricism are impressive and poignant, making for a truly satisfying listening experience. The beats on the album are hard-hitting and original, and they perfectly complement the subject matter of the lyrics.

The US-based producer has managed to capture the perfect balance between electronic compositions and classic hip-hop sounds. At the same time, he’s not afraid to explore new and creative ideas with each track. Throughout the fourteen-track album, the energy of Keenan’s music will take listeners on an unforgettable journey.

Overall, “Mind of a Madman II” is a must listen for any hip-hop fan. John Keenan’s unique twist on classic hip-hop sounds in combination with his sophisticated eccentricity create an album everyone should experience. It is a fitting sequel worthy of twelve years of anticipation and anyone who listens won’t be disappointed.

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