Don’t Miss Out: John Keenan’s ‘Mind of a Madman II’ Now Playing on All Music Platforms


John Keenan, Kansas born, Arizona-based rapper, musician, and hip-hop producer, is pleased to announce the official release of ‘Mind of a Madman II,’ a sequel to the artist’s 2011 debut album ‘Mind of a Madman I.’ After twelve years and 4 albums in between, the follow-up project is now available to stream on every major music platform.

The 14-track album fuses pop, R&B, and rap to explore contemporary themes and push the boundaries of traditional hip-hop. With features from Samantha Dalton, Krizz Kaliko and X-Raided, Keenan fearlessly blends comedic songs with thought-provoking lyrics. From the cheeky tone of ‘All Into Crypto’ to the touching feel of ‘Pain We Know,’ each track takes listeners on a distinct emotional journey.

The first single, “Turd Ferguson” is a tribute to the late Norm Macdonald and his impersonation of Burt Reynolds on SNL’s parody of Jeopardy. “I’ve been working on a second ‘Mind of a Madman’ since 2016,” said Keenan. “I was attempting to complete an album called “Wreckage of the Past,” but it wasn’t it’s time.”