Kansas to California - Brandon Mills @ the Cuzzalo Ink Halloween Party

Full Circle Manager Brandon Mills of Crew Marketing and Promotions

just got back from a weekend at the Cuzzalo Ink offices in California with Rich the Rocker.


Check out the pics from the trip! I was a fan of C-Lims waaaay back in 2004 and find it crazy I know a guy, that knows C-Lim. 

This is 100% true, when Mark and I were younger in maybe 2003 we were saying, "we know a guy (Anthony) who knows a guy (???) who's brother (Juce) works for a guy (Mr. Stinky) who knows Tech N9ne lol. 


We used to say that all the time. 


Brandon was able to kick it with C-Lim and Brotha Lynch Hung and the rest of his Cuzzalo Ink Family!

Check out Cuzzalo Ink's site here.   Cuzzalo Ink


Go buy a mask from C-Lim and Cuzzalo Ink, if you don't you're obviously a communist.