Help Rebel Un Make This Book!

Rebel Un is a good dude. Met him through my main man Mike Game (professional wrestler, stripper, rapper, male nurse, once tipped a stripper with a mic-rib) Check this project out and contribute what you can. Help Un get this book made! Support artists! 

Help Rebel Un Make This Book!

What is the project about?

According to the National Alliance To End Homelessness, about 633,782 people experience homelessness on any given night in the United States. Add to this the number of shelters and assistance programs that have to close it's doors due to lack of funding, and you could be looking at even bigger numbers. The reasons for homelessness can range anywhere from lack of sufficient employment to health issues. For the past two years I have documented this epidemic visually through photography. I have met many people from all walks of life who are homeless. Some of them I met very briefly, while others were willing to share their stories with me. I would love to bring their stories to the world visually, shoot new photographs and conduct more interviews of their life stories.

Where will the funds raised on Kickstarter go?

1. They will help to cover the costs of travelling in order to do more photography and more interviewing. I plan to do all I can to cut expenses whenever possible – using public transportation, etc. Also, photography supplies such as film and developing fees.

2. Designing and printing the book. It is planned to be B&W, 10 X 8 inches and about 50 pages. I hope to have the first book ready for printing about nine months after funding is received.

3. Kickstarter takes a small percentage, as does Amazon's payment system.

Any income beyond the goal will be invested back into extra copies of the book.

I would be excited for any additional help that I can get: The more money I make, the further I can take this!

No money changes hands unless this project is fully funded - it's all or nothing so please support!